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The impact of your childhood video and board games


How many of you played with board and video games as a kid? Our guess is that all of you just mouthed “heck yes!” In fact, we’re happy to admit that even in our mid and late twenties, our game collection still gets quite a bit of action.


Have you ever thought about the relationship and impact of what your childhood games have had on you?

Casual game players often care about things like entertainment, social aspects and general enjoyment – but especially when we put on our foresightful and parental hats – development becomes as important. As kids, some of us got scolded by our parents for spending “too much time” playing games – but we now know that games can be extremely effective at building an array of fundamental skills including research skills, problem solving and procedural elimination, imagination, strategic thinking, social skills, decision making skills and memorization.

Think about some of your favourite childhood games. Which do you feel may have helped you develop your super awesome problem solving, creative or analytical abilities? And if you’ve got littles ones, we would love to know what games and activities they are engaged with and which you feel strike a good balance of including development elements and entertainment? What kind of things do you feel are lacking from children’s board and video games?

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P.S. Here were some of our favourite childhood games when we were 8-ish years old. We may or may not be heading on over to Castle Board Game Cafe soon to swim around in a pool of our childhood nostalgia. At least the board game edition of it:

Connect Four
Donkey Kong
Master Labyrinth
Mario Kart
Ninja Turtles
Daytona USA
Monster Rancher
Master Labyrinth
Power Stone
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Gin Rummy

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