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Justinia and Parental Gaming

Let’s face it, kids have a tonne of energy! So when we saw a story titled “Journey to Justinia”, or How I got my 5 y/o son to sit still and concentrate for almost 4 hours.” our interests were piqued.

To summarize the story: Justin James Clayden is a game designer and father who drew a dungeon map that he and his family could play through.

It’s a great concept and the execution is adorable and brilliant at the same time. Check out how Justin has managed to create a “fog of war” effect:

New Fog of War

Playing games with your kids/parents is an important part of strengthening your bond with them. We’re sure that Justin’s child will remember this game for years to come and will look back on it fondly.

Keeping the rules simple but engaging helps keep the interest of the kid. You can see some small math equations along the bottom of the map. These rules are great for teaching your children basic math skills. There are also some small decision points that help with keeping decision making skills strong (do I take the short but dangerous route or the long but easy one). Honestly, this game is so cool that we might just make one for ourselves!

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Update: It looks like Justin has put the rules up on his website!


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