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Interesting things are brewin’. Follow along!


Last week, we were on vacation – which actually meant that we took some extra time to work out a few kinks, discuss some product design ideas and potential strategic partnership and collaboration opportunities, conduct a post mortem on our Girls Learning Code Summer Camp Prototyping workshop – and (drum roll, please…) ideas for our campaign this Fall 2013!

In order for us to continuously conduct hands-on workshops and to be able to share our C&I product to the makers, inventors, educators and designers out there – we will need some support! In this campaign, we will be releasing some footage from our workshop experiences, our vision for C&I and some exciting preliminary designs for our C&I kit.

Click here if you want to be made aware of our campaign and we’ll notify you as soon as we push live! Thanks for your curiosity, support and for taking the time to check us out :)


Interesting things are brewin’.

Provide us with your email address and we’ll make sure you will be made aware of our Kickstarter campaign when it launches. Here, you will learn about the super cool design and maker kit we have been working on. If you are a parent, educator, designer or maker, you will love it!